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Deluxe 5 Pocket Tablet-Belt

$24.95 each (belt) 

$31.95 each (sling)

(Shipping discounts on multiple items)

Our Deluxe Tablet-belt is basically our Mini (0riginal) pouch PLUS another large pocket*  for tablets or books.(will fit 10" tablets) You can carry your tablet / iPad Mini on your waist with easy clip on web belting. (belt included)  You will just love the deep pockets. The design helps your i-Pad / tablet be more efficient and our holster is built to last.  Includes smaller pocket with velcro closure & pen pocket.

The Deluxe 5 Pocket Tablet-Belt 

9.5 wide x 10 long
* The X-Large Tablet Pocket 9.5” wide x 8” tall .
The large pocket is 7” tall and 7” wide.
Enclosed Pocket with Velcro Flap pocket 5" tall x 7" wide.
(does not include tablets, wine opener or pens)

Our web belt size is:

27-49 regular belt

35-64 XL belt

The Deluxe 5 Pocket Tablet-Belt Fits 10" Tablets:

The Tablet-belt has premium fabric, quality thread, tight industrial stitching with reinforced stress points. It is strong and will hold up to repeated washings - black easy care fabric - durable poly/cotton blend.

iPad Tablet-Belt works well with all different types & brands of 10" tablets or iPads.  Anyone who needs their tablet at hand. Perfect for hospital staff, doctors, retail and food service...

We are located in Phoenix, Arizona. We have been manufacturing quality restaurant aprons for 24 years.

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